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Who is the head instructor that will teach my child to swim?

Rebecca Schreyer is the owner and head instructor for Mighty Minnows Swim School and has 2 additional instructors working with her.  All instructors are very skilled and make swimming lessons fun and easy to learn for each child!  Any of these coaches may teach your child's swim lessons!

We do not have our own swimming pool, where are we able to take swim lessons?

If you do not have a pool or community pool, then ask our team if they have any local pools where we are doing lessons out of that you might be able to drive to to get lessons done.  

My child is 10 months old but is not crawling, can he/she take lessons?

Mighty Minnows Swim School teaches lessons that focus on repetition and muscle memory.  If your child is not yet crawling, wait a few more months to start lessons.  That will give your child time to develop and strengthen the muscles he/she needs to swim properly.

My child has a learning disability, can i sign him/her up for lessons?

Our instructors focus on providing swim lessons specifically for your child's needs.  We know that every child is unique, therefore we adjust our teachings to a way that your child will learn best.

As a parent, am i allowed to get in the water with my child during his/her lesson?

Yes!  At Mighty Minnows Swim School, we love for our parents to be in the water helping their child.  Children can be less nervous when they have a parent in the water as well. 

My child is 6 years old and doesn't know how to swim, are they too old for swim lessons?

We believe it is important for every child to learn how to be safe in the water, therefore we have no age restrctions!