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About Us

Mighty Minnows is a local, seasonal swim school.  And no worries about commute - because we come to you!  Let your child swim in the comfort of their own pool.

Rebecca Schreyer started this swim school to teach swim safety to children of all ages.  She believes it is important for children to love the water, but also know how to navigate it safely. 

Mighty Minnows provides 1-on-1 lessons to ensure that your child is getting the time and attention they need. 

Check out our "Contact Us" page for FAQs.

Lesson Structure

Each lesson ranges from 10-15 minutes and from 2-5 times per week.  This schedule is designed to develop muscle memory faster in your child.  This is key to obtaining necessary swim skills.
Mighty Minnows focuses on swimming and floating as the best and safest ways for your child to be in the water.  


Mighty Minnows accepts babies starting at the age of 10 months and older.  (Babies must be able to crawl).

If your child is already a developed swimmer and is interested in learning swim strokes (breaststroke, freestyle, etc), please look at our section for "Advanced Minnow Classes" under "Minnow Skills!"


Call or email us today to find out about our lesson prices as well as discount rates for payment methods, signing up additional children, or even referrals!


Please visit the scholarship tab to see how you may be eligible to have your swim lessons completely paid for!