Minnow Skills

Swimming Minnows

Cole is demonstrating the way we teach our Minnows to swim. 

We focus on keeping our eyes down, swimming in a horizontal position, and kicking our legs!  Swimming is an important part of being safe!  Minnows learn to swim safely to their guardians, the steps, and even to the sides of the pool!

Resting Minnows

Jack is showing us the proper way to float!

We teach our Minnows to rest on their backs when they need breaks.  This is a key water survival technique and is one of the first skills we teach.

Happy Minnows

Caleb is wearing googles for the first time and is showing us how happy he is to be a Mighty Minnow!

We teach our Minnows life-saving skills, but we also hope they find a love for the water.  A happy Minnow is something we strive for in each child we teach.

Advanced Minnows

Does your child already know how to swim safely in the water? If so, your child may be ready for our advanced Minnow classes!

Advanced Minnow classes focus on learning the techniques for freestyle, breastroke, butterfly, and backstroke.  We also teach our Minnows special tricks like diving and bobbing.  

These 1-on-1 lessons are 15-20 minutes and range from once to three times a week.  Advanced Minnow classes are perfect for your child to prepare for swim team or to just have more fun in the water!